My Take on Religion/Spirituality

I am a humanist with a largely Buddhist worldview based on science (which is faulty). My theory is that all living things are a piece of what others may consider “a god”, and what I consider the “universal unconscious.” I think this idea is supported by quantum physics and synergistic with early Hindi teachings. That is my “spirituality” – quantum physics with a Buddhist/Hindu bent. I do not approve of religion in general as it is largely a means of social control, even though religions do contain some valuable moral truths. Religions have always been mechanisms of control. I see Buddhism as a worldview and Buddha (or Jesus or Allah or Zeus – clearly the coolest) as not a god, just a piece of the universal unconscious, just like you or me. I see belief as a tool much like any other. As such I use it appropriately. The only believe in two things, love and people.

When I speak of the universal unconscious I’m speculating based on the my theory that our brains are essentially biological, spiritual, quantum computers that connect us with the rest of the universe and the proven theory that quantum particles (constituents of atoms) move sympathetically at a distance; indicating that every atom that has broken down to a low enough level to reach quantum entanglement could be quantumly-entangled with any other appropriate sub-particle in any other atom. As time progresses this inevitably happens to more and more particles. If I am not mistaken scientists have proven 3 suns have had to die for the heavy elements on Earth that are a part of our delicate ecosystem. Life wants to live. We underestimate that fact I think. Anyway, obviously, all these living beings are made of potentially quantumly-entangled particles. You can figure out the rest yourself if you think there’s any merit to the idea. That said, I have a “religion” (Double-think) so I’m entitled to be crazy if it relates to my religion, at least constitutionally. Isn’t that great? I am also a reverend, which legitimizes my “religious beliefs.” That said, I know you’ve been waiting for it: I’m not religious, I’m spiritual.

If we were playing a pen and paper role-playing game I’d be a:
Lvl: 1
Class: Reality Scientist (Buddhist)
Malice: 0 towards anyone
HP: High enough
MP: Still trying to figure this one out. Got me. Any ideas? MP++ plz. LOL
Humanity: 9/10
Str: 3/10
Dex: 3/10
Int: 5/10
Openness: 9/10
Chutzpah: 9/10
Moxie: 9/10

1 thought on “My Take on Religion/Spirituality

  1. I believe that religion is man made for control as you do. I do however, believe in what we label “God”. I, in my limited knowledge, see no other way to explain the Universe.

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