My Political Views

I’m a bleeding heart liberal. I would worship John Stuart Mill if it would do any good.

I’m a for a capitalist skeleton of a society with a socialist overlay.

I think socialism is the worst form of government except for every other form invented.

Government by threat of force doesn’t confer moral legitimacy but it does confer legal authority. We can only do our best to keep Cthulhu from devouring too many of people.

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” – Winston Churchill

I am anti-war. I support our civil liberties. I am for drug legalization. I am for assisted suicide. I am against the death penalty. I am an advocate of human rights. I am pro-choice. I am for gun ownership with limited caveats.

I strongly maintain that if there is anything we own it is our bodies. We have the right to use them as we see fit as long as it does not inhibit others’ ability to live in peace. I am against teaching unscientific crap like creationism in our schools.

I think the social safety net is necessary, moral, and productive. I am for a single payer health care system.  I would like to see the electoral college abolished in favor of a more democratic system for presidential elections, but I fear the tyranny of the majority. I am in favor of runoff voting if it is done correctly. I think the two party system is our biggest problem domestically.

In international politics I am a realist that hasn’t given up on my ideals. I find the US’s international policies to be a terrible injustice. We are completely hypocritical when it comes to the subject of terrorism. The US is the most terroristic state that exists in the world today. I am against “humanitarian intervention” unless it is requested, and even then it is extremely difficult to prevent the government from taking advantage of humanitarian intervention to serve the purposes of the elite. A good example of this is the humanitarian intervention that took place in Libya.

I see nearly complete continuity in US international (and domestic) politics in the since at least the end of World War II. I would like to see the US uproot the vast majority of its military bases around the world; yet I am not an isolationist. I agree with Smedley D. Butler when it comes to war in general. War is a racket and a very profitable one at that. There is no war that the US has participated in for the good of the US public or any other nation except the wars fought on our own soil; even our participation in World War was self-serving because of the manner in which we participated.

1 thought on “My Political Views

  1. There isn’t a two-party system. That’s just a smoke screen to make people think they have a say when they have absolutely none whatsoever. People sense this too. Just look at how many vote.

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