Cherished moments linger on

I look to faces soon to be gone,

My moment briefly came and passed,

Reality sets in so hard and fast,

I’ve lived with passion, a spark of flame,

Ignited by love and hope and pain,

It’s embers glow with dying light,

Thoughts linger still this starry night,

I could have been most anything,

The sky called my heart,

But not my brain,

It was short and sweet, and passed so quick,

My life will be no more than this,

I’ve fallen from my lofty perch,

The world came crashing home it hurt,

The life I knew is gone tomorrow,

I’ve never known a greater sorrow.

Note: I wrote this poem 17 years ago – perhaps others can relate and it will help them. I’ve come so far since then. We all will grow I think. Peace and love brothers and sisters!

9 thoughts on “Linger

    • I appreciate that so much! You know how it is I’m sure, every time I start putting words to paper it is a battle; but your comment alone made it worth it. That was a hard time for me and writing that poem was so cathartic. Transitions are tough, and I hope the fact that I’m doing so much better even after that difficult time encourages others to be brave and pursue their dreams. Also, I hope that my feeble aged mind can compare with the one I had 17 years ago! ^^

      • The mind only gets stronger with time and experience. What we lose in terms of sharpness we gain with insight and experience. I feel I wrote at 16, but my experiences have given my writing a greater depth, or so I hope. In short, what you are humbly calling, “feeble” is actually “mighty”. If it makes any difference, I will be sure to visit your blog often, but please continue pursuing your artistic endeavors. Reading such poetic words excite me and make my day!

        • Yep, I agree. Can you imagine how much more we could have accomplished with our young brains if we had the experience and insight of our later years? We lose some white matter as we age, but we use what we have left more efficiently (if a bit more slowly – hehe). I can only repay your kind words in kind! Fortunately, they are well deserved words. It does make a difference. Thank you for being who you are. I am pretty eclectic in my posts, but I do get catharsis out of writing and reading poetry from time to time. Perhaps I will focus on it more in the future. Thanks for the dose of happiness, as making your day has made mine!

          • You are a great writer and reading great work is a joy, not an act of kindness 🙂

            I totally agree with you. I wish I had continued to write all these years. I believe in the concept of 10,000 hours of practice makes a man/woman an expert, as postulated by Malcolm Gladwell. Based on that, I only have 25 years more to go 😉

            • I am aware of that concept as well; and I am certain there is some validity to it. By that definition I am an expert at one thing I’d prefer not to talk about online.. lol. I feel it would lessen my credibility because of the stigma attached to it. That said, it is valuable nonetheless; and I will gladly admit it to any given person one at a time, just not on the intertubes in front of everyone.

              There are probably a couple of other things too, but my purpose is not to brag, it is to share. You don’t have 25 more years to go before you are an expert writer I assure you. Perhaps it will give you some joy to know this: My quick calculation is that if you sleep 8 hours a day you still have 40,880 hours in a year of being awake to become an expert. You could become an expert by that definition in 4 things in a year.. (if you could do bodily functions, work, move, etc. all while writing). Don’t undersell yourself. Regardless of the time put in so far, it is clear to me that you have a gift.

              One of my mentors taught me that the original intention of the word expert was to denote the most learned person in the room on a given subject. So, I assert that you are a poetry expert already by that definition, at least between you and I, as it seems beyond question to me that your words flow like oceans while I struggle going upstream. You may in fact be the writing expert as well. Consider the writing we all do at our jobs, while instant messaging, and text messaging too. Perhaps we can arm wrestle for the title? 🙂 I jest of course.

              Thank you so very much for the praise. I have known few souls in my life who would speak so freely of such things even if they could.

              Know that my praise is honest and comes from deep within my heart as well.

              • Oh crap, math is not my strongest suite. There are only 9408 hours in a year. Nonetheless, I stand my ground on my assertions. You could still become an expert at anything in 2 years with diligent effort based on Gladwell’s definition (and while intellectually, I see some truth in it I also feel that it is crap, because I have seen amazing people become absolute pillars of their intellectual communities in far shorter periods). The only problem is finding the time. I find that the more patient I am the more time I have.

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