Internet blackout called for by Anonymous to protest CISPA

Anonymous CISPA Blackout #blackout #CISPAblackout

Anonymous CISPA Blackout #blackout #CISPAblackout

Anonymous has called for an internet blackout to protest CISPA on Monday May 22.  I wholeheartedly support this protest.  #blackout #CISPAblackout


8 thoughts on “Internet blackout called for by Anonymous to protest CISPA

      • WordPress had a way to blackout one’s website to protest PIPA and SOPA. One wordpresser asked for this from staff 14 hours ago and there has been no response. Are you not publishing? Or are you going dark? That’s my question. Sorry for the typo.

        • Ah, I see. My understanding is that the protest is asking for the owners of websites to go dark. While this website is “mine” it is “owned” by as I understand it. I think that the onus is on to blackout their entire site and post a message explaining that it is blacked out in response to CISPA. If that doesn’t happen I will continue to post. Anecdotal evidence supporting my viewpoint is that Anonymous has asked people to keep twittering. Sadly, it is a vaguely worded enough request to be interpreted both ways I must admit.

  1. Hi, I’ve seen this news before. Is it actually true? Can you tell me more about it? I’d like to understand where this comes from. Thanks!

    • The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) is a bill going through the US Congress right now. The goal of CISPA is to allow the US government to more effectively police the internet. Legislators have been trying to get a bill of this nature signed into law for many years. The problem is that it would the U.S. government to collect personal information about online users from companies without having to issue a warrant. In other words, they don’t need to have any proof or a valid reason to investigate you to get information about your browsing habits, what websites you visit, how often, what you say, and who you interact with. That is my understanding of the proposed law.

      President Obama has vowed to veto the it unless better privacy rights are not incorporated into the bill. I wonder what President Obama considers acceptable protection of privacy and if his requirements would actually be adequate. This sounds to me like posturing in order to satisfy his political base. I would wager that if congress makes some largely superficial changes to the bill to make it sound better our dear leader will sign it into law.

      This is a good article about it:

      A good indicator that something is wrong with a bill is that the ACLU opposes it. They have extensive information about the bill here:

      I probably should write a post about CISPA explaining about it. I will try to do so tomorrow (assuming doesn’t shut down for the protest – and I hope it does).

      I hope that’s what you were wondering about. Anonymous is another subject I could discuss as well but not until later I’m afraid; I must get to sleep for now as I have a big day tomorrow. As always, thanks for visiting!

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