My Centurylink Bill

It was the classic bait and switch.  I got my most recent internet bill in the mail and it said my cost had doubled to $62.04.  It has been 6 month since I started using this company.  I had the original advertisement in my internet bill folder so I read it out to the representative “Pure broadband 34.95 a month for 12 months*”.  The customer retention agent (I had already gotten to a second level representative due to my complaints to the original customer service representative) said that the program I signed up for was slightly cheaper each month by about 2 dollars but it only lasted 6 months.  I maintained that I asked for the 12 month plan and told him to go back into their voice recordings to prove I was wrong (because they all record your conversations – and most of them tell you).  Eventually he just gave in and put me on a different plan from the other two that costs about $53.76 a month – about 20 dollars more.  Then, like a cop who gives you a ticket for speeding but not a ticket for no seat-belt, he gave me a a $10 dollar a month retention discount, at which point, I had to say thank you as I just sat there and took it.

I also noticed a $9.99 charge on all my bills for the last 6 months under the heading “Related Monthly Charges.”  It was a charge called CenturyLink@Ease.  At first the man insisted I had signed up this $9.99 program.  I asked him what it was and he explained that it is a premium technical service package.  At this point I knew I was duped because I would never agree an additional cost like that.  I spent 5 years doing computer technical support and always insist on doing my own work.  After explaining that to him he relented and gave me 60 dollars credit for the 6 months of the plan I had been charged for, didn’t know I had, had never used, or signed up for.  The result of all this is that my bill is permanently higher but I get a month and a third or so of internet for free.

What is the moral of this story?  Companies do this kind of crap all the time, especially the largest ones (in my humble opinion), like “Centurylink,” which is the merger of Centurylink and Qwest.  Time to call the Better Business Bureau I guess.  How effective do you think that’s going to be?

6 thoughts on “My Centurylink Bill

  1. I’ve been struggling with this as well. My bill for internet and phone is supposed to be $65/month. I have $14/month in ‘related monthly charges’. NO idea what it was for. Maybe it’s the same type of thing? So frustrating and I am shopping around to replace the service as I am getting nowhere to get what I was quoted.

  2. I have been faced with the same problem. I was promised internet at $29.95/month with modem rental of $6.99/month. Modem is now $7.99/month and my internet bill is nearly $60/month. It goes higher each month. Customer service is non-existent with this company!!!

  3. I just got off chat with a CL rep to have ten remove the excess charges for “premium security”. I have to call ever year to resign a contract with them. Because they are the only ISP in our area I’m more than willing to sign a 12 month contract to reduce my bill by nearly a third. When I got the new bill it still seemed unreasonably high so I looked a little further and found @Ease near the bottom. I had no idea what this charge was because the rep I spoke to said nothing about it. Apparently if you change anything about your account they will sneak it in and not tell you. That is sleazy business but since they have us over a barrel I suppose they’ll try anything to squeeze ten bucks out of us. I’m fortunate enough to pay attention to my line charges that I was able to catch it on the first bill. I do not need premium security. I don’t use Window$ products. I do my own pc security and tech. I can’t believe companies can get away with this garbage.

  4. I hate deceit. It is sickeningly prevalent. Just signed up with CL and am seeing these added charges as well. AND they charge extra for basic internet protocols such as SMTP, under the pretense that to allow it by default is to allow it to be used by malware. Seriously???

  5. FCK century link! They did the same thing to me with “Related Monthly Charges” for $11.99 a month. They also threw in a charge of $25 this month for “Service Additions and Changes” when i have not changed anything! I was offered a rate of $35 a month if i signed a 1 year contract and my monthly bill typically comes out to twice that amount. Scam, Scam, Scam!

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